Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.  A day we can all pretend to be someone else.  To get in the spirit, I carved a couple jack o'lanterns and we put a little harvest themed vignette out on the front lawn to amuse the passing raccoons.

My son went as Link from 'Zelda' (note my attempt at making his costume), and because I can't resist dressing up, I went as Pippi Wrong Stockings. Imagine a darker, scarier non-dubbed Pippi.

As we were roaming about town, my son shamelessly begging for candy door-to-door I received some bad news about my dad who has been in ICU for the last few days.  Being so far away, I hadn't been able to see him and now I find out that he's gone. So tonight, this morning, I'm a bit sad and still in shock. My only hope is that now he's in better place.